Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Registration
  3. Subscription
  4. Apps Page
  5. My Team
  6. App View
  7. Dashboard Integration


Polar Request Manager is a system designed to revolutionize how icon pack designers receive icon requests. It's time to deprecate unorganized, overwhelming email requests and bring icon requests into the modern age. You can access Polar Request Manager here:


On the login page, there's a link to Register for a new account. After entering all of your information, a link is sent to your email address with an activation link.


Unfortunately, we couldn't make PRM free due to server costs. But we tried to keep the options simple and cheap. If you are not subscribed, you will be prompted to setup a subscription during login. The plans listed in the dropdown should be self-explanatory. bi-weekly means every 2 weeks in this case.

After subscribing successfully, you will be brought to the Subscription page. After a small delay, your subscription will become active and the page will switch from displaying "Pending" to "Active". You can change or cancel your subscription from this page later if you need to.

Apps Page

The apps page is the main page of Polar Request Manager. It displays all of the apps you own or are a assigned to. Note that you can click the logo at the top left from any page to go home. You can go into the App View by clicking an app's name.

My Team

Request Manager allows you to collaborate on icon packs with other members. You can add users to your team from the My Team page. Users on your team can be assigned to your apps from the App View page.

App View

The app view contains detailed information about a registered app. The API key goes in /res/values/dev_customization.xml within Polar Dashboard. It tells Polar RM which icon pack a request is being sent for.

The left pane here shows users assigned to your app, along with unassigned users (who are on your team). The right pane shows all requests that have been sent for the current icon pack. Clicking the status text on the left of each row (New/Completed/Implemented) will toggle to the next state. The Help link next to "Requests" should explain what these statuses mean.

Dashboard Integration

Polar Dashboard has settings for Polar Request Manager in /res/values/dev_customization.xml.

  1. polar_backend_host — a URL to the Polar RM server you're pointing to. Should be:
  2. polar_backend_apikey — an app API key, can be copied from the App View page of any app.
  3. polar_backend_email_fallback — when true, the dashboard will fallback to sending an email request if Request Manager upload fails (e.g. if the server is down temporarily).