Table of Contents

  1. Splash Drawable XML
  2. Light and Dark Themes
  3. Color Customization

Splash Drawable XML

There are two XML files in /res/drawable called splash_light.xml and splash_dark.xml. These files represent the actual entire background of your splash screen, including the backgroud color and the icon in the center. You can replace @drawable/homepage_landing_icon with whatever drawable you wish (such as just your regular app icon, or a custom PNG in drawable-nodpi). Make sure you test on different screen sizes, though!

Light and Dark Themes

Since splash screens work by displaying an image before the app initializes and before any Java code can actually run, you can only switch the splash screen theme statically (before your app is built into an APK). You can switch between the light and dark themes manually from AndroidManifest.xml. Just replace AppTheme.SplashLight with AppTheme.SplashDark if you want to use the dark splash screen theme.

Color Customization

You can of course change the colors used in the splash screen. The _bg colors shown below are used as the background color of the light or dark splash screens. The _status colors shown below are used for the status bar and navigation bar colors. Note that the light splash screen will always use light status bar mode (black icons) on Marshmallow and above unless you change that in values-v23/styles.xml.